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Mobile World Congress 2015: decoding the tech buzzwords

Mobile World Congress 2015 has been a whirlwind of fantastic new tech, gadgets and devices to make working efficiently easier than ever. Over the last week, we’ve brought you all the latest news straight from the show floor and described how this emerging technology can help take your business further, faster. But, naturally, a lot of tech buzzwords emerged from the event – and it’s totally normal not to understand all (or any!) of it. Here, we’ve decoded 11 of the most common terms we heard at this year’s conference.


2K, also known as Quad HD, refers to a type of smartphone display – 5.5 inches with a 2560×1440 resolution – that offers extremely high screen definition. This is particularly useful if you’re regularly using your device to watch footage or stream video calls.


 4G basically equates to the speed at which you can access the internet from your smartphone or tablet on the move. It’s the fourth generation of mobile tech and replaced 3G with much faster speeds than were previously available – so you can get even quicker access to your emails, apps and social media accounts.


This is, unsurprisingly, the fifth generation of mobile tech. But what does that mean? Well, nothing is certain, but it’s been said that it’ll be 100 times faster than 4G and will boast up to 1,000 times the storage capacity of 4G – plus it should be available in more parts of the country.

Carrier aggregation

Carrier aggregation allows networks to combine the bandwidth from different bits of spectrum, resulting in seriously high-speed data connectivity.


Convergence is the coming together of different technologies on one device or system – being able to film videos and access the internet on your phone, for example.

Cross platform

This simply means that software or hardware can run on a number of different platforms, eg applications that run across both Windows and Mac.

Fast charging

There has been plenty of talk of super-quick charging at this year’s MWC. For example, Samsung’s S6 Galaxy Edge can charge up to four hours of use time in 10 minutes – great for those running from meeting to meeting without much down time for charging.

Foldable keyboards

These are wireless, super thin, lightweight keyboards that can connect to any phone or tablet. Great for small, agile businesses, they allow you to set up a mini desktop wherever you are.


Hybrid products fuse two functions. For example, Huawei unveiled a fitness tracker at MWC this year that doubles up as a Bluetooth headset – perfect for checking your voicemail while you’re working out.


LTE stands for long-term evolution and is commonly used in reference to 4G. It refers to the constantly developing and improving network technologies.


The term ‘core’ refers to the processing units within a device. Quad-core is more or less standard, but this year’s show unveiled a few products – including the Honor 4X smartphone – with octa-core capabilities. This should make a device more responsive and allow greater ease of multi-tasking.

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