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MWC day four: virtual travel and democratic tech

After a whirlwind week of work-smart wearables, accessories that can transform your phone into a portable office suite, and devices that enable you to get even more creative as you work on the move (here’s looking at you, portable projector), we bring you our final round-up from Mobile World Congress 2015.

HTC Vive: virtual reality just got real

This year’s MWC has seen the unveiling of a number of creative partnerships. One such collaboration comes from HTC and game developers Valve, with the two creating a new virtual reality headset together – the Vive.  If you’re wondering what this has to do with business, re-read our pieces about virtual and beacon technology, which offer a glimpse into the ways we’ll be increasingly communicating with colleagues and customers via virtual means. The Vive has been a huge talking point this year due to the fact that it offers a 360-degree range of view – so whichever direction you look in, you are essentially ‘moving through’ a truly believable virtual reality space.

Devices like the Vive offer new avenues for meetings or creating more interactive service experiences for your customers. This kind of tech also offers exciting prospects for the future of social media conversations and ‘virtual travel’ – a concept that you could soon use to market your goods to customers.

Huawei: big tech for less

This year’s MWC has seen manufacturers competing not only to unveil cutting-edge devices, but also to offer brilliant technology at lower prices. The Honor brand from Huawei heralds the rise of a world in which entrepreneurs without huge budgets will be able to purchase more efficient, high-powered models to use in their day-to-day working lives. One of the more exciting features of the Honor 4X is its octa-core power capabilities.

Jolla: smart, secure software

Aside from gadgets and accessories, this year’s MWC also saw the debut of new software applications. Sailfish 2.0, from Jolla, is a programme that offers stronger security for Google’s Android OS, a key consideration for any new device you purchase in an increasingly interconnected world. Sailfish is brilliant for smart working too, largely due to its notification system.  While you’re on the move, in meetings, or taking a well-deserved tea break, you can keep an eye on any new updates coming in from your email and social channels – all without having to run multiple applications at once, allowing you to save power.

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