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MWC day three: foldable keyboards and super storage

That may sound like a headline from a hardware store catalogue, but don’t worry – it’s just our penultimate daily round-up from Mobile World Congress 2015. Although you might not be familiar with some of the manufacturers we’re showcasing today, you’ll more than likely be familiar with not having enough storage, battery life or room in your bag when you’re working on the move. These announcements are guaranteed to make life easier – watch the video above and read below for more information.

Microsoft’s flexible keyboard

So far MWC has revealed some pretty darn useful accessories that’ll make smart working easier. Carrying around a laptop, tablet and smartphone can get annoying, and that’s where this nifty foldable keyboard comes in, transforming your smartphone into a travelling office. Slim and compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, the device also has three months of battery life. What more could you want?

Archos: the space creator

Archos might sound like a Mediterranean holiday destination as opposed to a brand that launched one of the stand-out innovations at this year’s MWC: Fusion Storage. Solving the never-ending dilemma of finding enough space on your device for messages, presentations and those all-important photos of your cat, the device can store up to 256GB of memory – more than most laptops.

Pebble: the originator returns

The original creator of the smartwatch, Pebble is back with a follow-up model – the Pebble Time Steel. Aside from being compatible with iOS and Android, the best part about this device has to be its 10 days of battery life. So if you ‘accidentally’ found yourself stranded on a desert island for, let’s say, 10 days, you could keep an eye on the meetings you’d miss and text messages you’d have to delay responding to. You know, until you found your way home…

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