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MWC day two: pocket projectors and optional laptops

Given the name, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Mobile World Congress unveiled only the latest in mobile phones. Well, if you did, get ready to eat your hat – the conference showcases a whole lot more. Read on for today’s daily round-up of innovative technology.

Lenovo: the pocket projector

A portable projector can mean only one thing: portable presentations! Either that, or perhaps your business is thinking about extending its remit to pop-up film screenings – and why not? The point is that this small but mighty Lenovo can stream files straight from your smartphone, not to mention project 110-inch images onto a wall.

Sony Xperia’s Z4 Tablet: the optional laptop combo

A super bright screen that makes working indoors and outdoors as easy as pie. This device also comes with its own optional Qwerty keyboard, enabling you to go from tablet to laptop and back again whenever you need – without the added weight.

LG Urbane LTE:  the 4G smartwatch

It’s looking as though work-smart wearables will be one of the defining trends of this year’s MWC show. This Urbane LTE smartwatch from LG comes with seriously fast data connectivity: not only can you call and send texts from it – you can email and organise meetings, too. Only a few models away from smartwatches that can teleport you straight in to meetings, we say.

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