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Office 365: Presentations that source their own images

Is finding images for your presentations proving to be a hassle? This week’s hack will help with one of the more time consuming aspects of polishing off a decent presentation – image sourcing.

To help you wow clients and customers with your next presentation, try using Sway. This  cloud based app from Microsoft uses Bing’s image search engine. Bing makes image suggestions based on the words you have used in your presentation, saving you time trawling the internet for images to put the finishing touches to your work.

To get started, head to Sway and request an invite. Once the plug-in is installed, you can sit back, relax and enjoy blowing minds (or just impressing people) with your presentations.

Stay tuned for more time saving Office 365 hacks – and check out how to turn your mouse into a laser pointer.

Office 365 makes working online easy and affordable. To find out how it could help your business get more done, click here. Check back next week for more Office 365 tips and tricks.


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