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Why your business should care about Mobile World Congress

The biggest phone tech show is about to kick off in Barcelona. It’s called Mobile World Congress (or MWC for short) and it’s where phone and tablet makers and developers gather to show off their latest and greatest products.

We don’t know what will be announced at the show but there are a few things we’re hoping to see. Let’s take a look at what some of them are:


Workplace wearables

From smartwatches to internet-infused spectacles, wearable tech seems to be here to stay. That means there’ll probably be a deluge of new watches as the big manufacturers update their ranges, but we’re also hoping to see some work-focused products that do more than just alert you to a new email or message.

Better screens                                           

Phones and tablets may not get much bigger at Mobile World Congress this year, but we reckon that some will come with better screens than ever before. Super-high quality displays will be easier to read off (as well as offering better quality video back) and less prone to smashing – so fingers crossed that’s what the phone makers have up their sleeves.


The problem of making sure that people are who they say they are is one that no one has completely solved yet. With more and more people paying for goods and services using their phones, it’s a big security focus. Tech leaders will gather to discuss next-generation techniques, from fingerprint ID to retinal scanning and beyond.


You don’t have to tell us how great 4G is, with its robust connection and lightning fast data speeds already helping us get more done when we’re working on the move. But technology doesn’t stand still and work is already afoot to get 5G networks up and running – at MWC, academics and technologists will be discussing what standards 5G should meet and what the realities of the network will be rather than the hype.

Personalising the consumer experience

With the rise of Big Data, there’ll be a lot of talk at MWC about how to use this to create a more personal experience for each of your customers – have you thought about using location-based services or even predictive analytics to offer something your competitors can’t? We reckon you will after the experts have had their say.

Want to know more about Big Data? Here are five tools to help you harness Big Data for your business.

You might not be using these new innovations next week, you might not even been using them next year but at some point in the future the trends that come out of MWC will shape and inform the way you work. We’ll be reporting back from the show so stay tuned – it all kicks off on March 2nd.

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