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O2 Power Hour Highlights: How can technology actually make you more money?

We know that running a business doesn’t leave you with much free time. That’s why we started the O2 Power Hour – our regular lunchtime webinar where business leaders share their wisdom and answer your questions. To make these sessions even easier to digest, we’ll be posting the highlights on this blog.

Our second Power Hour is hosted by Paul Lawton, General Manager of SMB for O2 Business. Paul discusses how technology is changing the business world with Simon Devonshire, Director of Wayra Europe, Telefonica’s startup accelerator; Ashraf Kamel, Head of Sales at LinkedIn, an online business community; and Ant Morse, Head of Digital Sales at O2.

Excel like a sportsman, innovate like a busker

Paul asks Simon Devonshire: how can small businesses use new technology to make them more competitive? Simon’s answer draws examples from areas as esoteric as the engineering of elite sports equipment and how buskers build their fan bases.

Email has run out of road

Ant Morse tells us how the emphasis of new communications platforms is to create faster, better collaborations:

Websites are the new landline

Simon Devonshire talks about the importance of having a website for business credibility, and analyses the reasons why 50% of UK businesses still don’t: fear, control & denial –

How are people buying now?

The panel explore the way people use social media to help them decide to buy, and discuss how new business relationships can now be forged online:

Eliminating the cold call

Following on from the previous exchange, Ashraf Kamel goes on to advise that the way to go about making online business connections is to act just like you would if you were shaking the person’s hand:

Where do I start with my startup?

Simon Devonshire, himself a co-founder of nine businesses, outlines his five steps for starting a business successfully:

How do I keep track of everything?

In our final highlight from this Power Hour, Ant Morse tells us why businesses should go paperless from day one.

We hope our second Power Hour has given you some useful insights into how to make technology work for your business.

Our next Power Hour will feature author and journalist John-Paul Flintoff – sign up to register here.


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