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Working on the go: the apps the experts use

In June 2014, all workers in the UK gained the right to request flexible working. We were interested to see if many people had taken up the opportunity six months on, so we asked over 2,000 British workers if they had or planned to in the future.

It turns out that most people haven’t – 77% of the people who took our survey are yet to act on their new rights, with 20% telling us that the barrier stopping them from working remotely is that they don’t have the right tech and tools to do so.

We asked Phil Dodson, founder of @Work-Hubs what tech you need to work from home, a coffee shop or a co-working space outside of the office.

“Now we can run a business from a smart phone with a good 4G connection,” he told us. “So the most important tools to work lean and remotely are apps. If you use the following tools, then you’ll be able to communicate, run your business and access data anywhere.”

Google Apps for Work for a bit of everything

I would recommend Google Apps For Work, so you can access all your files, email, contacts etc literally anywhere and on multiple devices. Including the excellent Google Hangout for free ways of connecting with teams and customers on the go or remotely.


Evernote for a robust to-do list

Evernote is great for keeping all your notes, to-do lists and so much more all in one pace, easily tagged and easily shared and retrieved anywhere on any device. Use the great Evernote Clipper to capture anything online into your notes.


Freeagent for accounts

I would also strongly recommend a cloud based accountancy software, such as FreeAgent, to run the financial side of your business. Again easy to access anywhere, share and use.


Mailchimp for marketing

For marketing and communication use tools like MailChimp, again free up to a certain level and fantastic for creating communications and keeping track on your marketing.


All of these apps are free or low cost and enable you to run a business without the need for office space and all the other costs associated with that. The key is to get the right tech to enable you to work wherever and to keep everything backed up safely in the cloud. So invest in a good smartphone, reliable network and apps that make life easier.

We’ve also put together the ultimate mobile working set up to get you on the right track.

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