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How to automatically back up your Windows Phone

The more we do business using mobile devices, the more important backing up any data on your business smartphone and tablet becomes. But did you know you can set your devices to back up automatically? Here’s how to back up your Windows Phone and tablets. Not on Windows? Never fear, we’ve covered how to back up your Android phone and how to back up your iPhone already.

Good news for Windows Phone users: Microsoft has made backing up and recovering your data a doddle on the latest version of its mobile operating system. Windows Phone 8.1 (as sported on the Microsoft Lumia 535 and Lumia 735) is easy to configure and stores backup data onto your linked Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.

How To Enable Backup

From the Settings menu open the backup panel.

Tapping on What gets backed up? reveals some help text, but from the screen you can see that apps + settingstext messages, and photos + videos are all on the menu. Tap on any of these to enable or disable backups, to force an immediate backup or to check backup history.


How to Restore from Backup

When setting up a new Windows Phone device (or an existing device after a factory reset), signing in with the same Microsoft account used to perform the backup will give you the opportunity to restore your data from backup.

Good To Know:

  • Backups can take place over cellular or Wi-Fi with Windows Phone.
  • Windows Phone will prompt you if it goes three weeks without a backup.
  • A list of exactly what gets backed up is available in this Microsoft tech note

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