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5 ways to boost your SEO

In our last piece, we asked SEO expert Kelvin Newman to explain why SEO matters for business.

He told us, “If you don’t have effective SEO, someone else is picking up traffic, enquiries and sales that could have been yours.” The very idea of lost sales should strike fear into the heart of any business!

To make it easier for your customers to find you and to boost your online presence, we’ve rounded up five quick tips to help you get started on your way to search-ranking world domination.

1. Set up a Google Plus business page

By setting up a Google Plus page for your business where customers can leave reviews, you’ll be able to boost the profile of your company on Google. The more positive reviews and recommendations you receive, the better for your ranking. It’s a great form of “local SEO” for small businesses who might not be able to pay for a consultant, plus it’s free and easy to use. Get started here.

2. Keyword Planner

This is another brilliant tool from the tech wizards at Google. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool enables you to track the most popular search terms in relation to your industry. Armed with this information, you can amend or tailor the names of your website pages and blog posts to help them fare better in Google rankings. Essentially your site will be matching real life requests. The tool also has lots of other helpful analytical features and tutorials which you can find here.

3. Cross linking

The phrase “your network is your net worth” is true of online SEO. One way to boost your rankings and strengthen your site’s SEO is via cross linking. Building relationships with relevant people online is the best way to get your site linked to – it’s a form of free marketing and also a great way of leveraging your existing networks.

4. Social media

An easy way to boost your SEO is through social media. Although it has a smaller impact than the steps above, it’s helpful for growing your following and increasing your visibility online.  The more regularly you post and the more people share or link to you, the more Google’s search engine will recognise your site as one of value.

5. Blogging

In order to help with having useful content to share regularly with your customer base on social media, it helps if your business has a blog where you can share your expertise and information about your products or industry. The more regularly you update content, the better you will rank with Google. You can also make sure that when you write posts, you use the keywords that you’ve found with the Google Keyword Tool.


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