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5 tips to take the fear out of selling

When you hear the word ‘sales’, does it make you cringe inside? You’re not alone! Sales might not be your main skill but when you’re running your own business, it’s a vital one to have.

But selling is the key to a successful business. So how can you create a positive sales experience for both you and your customers? Leigh Ashton, co-founder of Sasudi, gives us a few top tips.

1. Stop selling!

The old school way is to ‘always be closing’. If your customer starts talking about something else, you bring them back to the product or service you are selling. You talk, they listen.

What you should do is to stop selling and start a conversation. Find out your customer’s needs and concerns. Get into their shoes; understand their problem, consider how you could satisfy their desire. That won’t come from talking at someone. It comes from a conversation.

2. Be yourself

You’re not stupid, and neither are the public. Insincerity can be spotted a mile off and is extremely off putting. So, instead of feeling like you need to play a role or act like a traditional pushy sales person, forget it. Focus on being as true to your own personality as possible and step away from a scripted version of yourself that you think you need to play. It won’t work!

3. Treat your customers as you would treat your friends

Think of all of the sales people you have bought from. Did you give in because they pressured you? Or did you end up buying because you struck up a genuine rapport with the person right off the bat? Treat each customer as you would a good friend. Be caring, respectful and never pressure them for a sale. They will be much more willing to share glimpses of what they really need from you.

4. Focus on solving their problems rather than your own performance.

Stop worrying about whether you’ve said the right things or forgotten any features, and focus on actually listening to your customer. When they give you insights into their problems, take note. Make the customer your number one priority.

5. Slow down and breathe deeply.

The excitement of a sale can have our heart beating faster and words falling out faster than we would have ever imagined! It’s important to keep calm and relaxed so that you can be the truest version of yourself, so smile, take a deep breath and slow down.

Leigh Ashton is co-founder of Sasudi, an online subscription-based platform that educates, mentors and supports small businesses in every aspect of sales.

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