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O2 Power Hour Highlights: Tony Crabbe tells us how to be less busy and more productive

Do you find that running a business leaves you with too much free time? Neither do we. That’s why we started the O2 Power Hour – our regular lunchtime webinar where business leaders share their wisdom and answer your questions.

To make these sessions even easier to digest for those that don’t have spare hour, we’ve posted the highlights below.

The first set comes from our Power Hour with Tony Crabbe, psychologist and author of ‘Busy: How to thrive in a world of too much’. Tony offers advice on making the most of your time and effective prioritsing, in conversation with Ben Dowd, Business Director of O2.

Riding the busyness wave

In our opening highlight, Tony advises on how we can ride the ‘busyness waves’ of our working lives, and avoid drowning in the things we need to do

Start with the big rocks

In our second clip, Tony gives tips on how to get more done, by efficiently managing your workload.

Make a plan to do nothing

Referring to a successful initiative of The Boston Consulting Group, Tony shows how to improve your willpower, and turn good intentions into good habits.

Choose big and hairy

If you do just one thing differently tomorrow, what should it be? Tony thinks the route to success is to always tackle the hardest task first.

But what does more time mean on the bottom line?

Tony Crabbe’s advice could buy you time. He concludes by telling us how you can turn that time into money. By using it to find business advantages with creative thinking.

We hope our first Power Hour has given you some useful tips on how to get things done. And how to do the things that make a difference.

Look out for the highlights of our second Power Hour about the technologies shaping our business world today. They’ll be posted here next week.

Want to quiz the O2 Gurus in our next Power Hour? You can sign up to join the discussion here.



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