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How to excel at Excel: neat shortcuts

With the self-assessment tax return deadline looming (January 31st – but you already knew that, right?), we’ve been looking at some quick and easy Excel tips to help you get your books in order.

Our first tip showed you how to take easy screengrabs of certain data that you could then send on to an accountant or close mathematically minded friend. Today we’re going to look at some helpful Excel shortcuts in the software itself – you probably know how to do most of these using your mouse, but you can save time and an uninterrupted flow by using keyboard shortcuts instead.

First thing’s first: saving. Do it as you go in case of unexpected crashes:

Save your worksheet: CONTROL + S

Now a quick and easy way to add new sheets to your document:

Insert a new sheet: CONTROL + F11

Navigating can be quicker and easier if you use your keyboard instead of a mouse:

Move to the next sheet in the workbook: CONTROL + PAGE DOWN

Move to the end of a row or column: CONTROL + arrow key (in whichever direction you want to move)

And finally an easy way to add a hyperlinks in to your spreadsheet:

Add a hyperlink to a cell: CONTROL + K


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