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Blue Monday: how to beat the blues

It’s the third Monday of January – it’s far enough away from Christmas that all the good cheer has ebbed away, the weather is terrible and, after over-spending on presents, it may seem as though all you’ll ever eat again is beans on toast. No wonder morale is low on what the media has dubbed Blue Monday.

But don’t let it get you and your colleagues down! Here are some fun ways to beat the Blue Monday Blues.

Gamify your tea round

Don’t let the tea making schedule cause friction in the office – sign your co-workers up to the Tea Round app and then shake, tap or spin the phone for a democratic decision on who’s making the tea. The app’s decision is final so make it clear: you’re either in or you’re out.

Put some upbeat music on

Sounds simple, but upbeat music on the office stereo can work wonders for morale. Even if you don’t usually have music on in the office, consider making an exception today. Tools like Spotify are free to use and allow you to create joint playlists. Why not create a themed playlist in Spotify that everyone can contribute songs to? Give everyone one veto per day to keep things light. Or, if you don’t fancy making your own soundtrack, try a website like which makes playlists based on genres and songs that are currently getting music blogs buzzing.

Endorphin boosting

If all else fails, lay on an endorphin-inducing spread for your workers. A bunch of potassium-rich bananas, some chocolate and some Vitamin B-packed nuts will not only get their endorphins flowing, but make you look like a kind and benevolent boss too.

A little encouragement goes a long way

If nothing else, why not send out a team email reminding your colleagues that they’re doing a good job? Point to recent achievements and let them know that you really appreciate their hard work – a simple note can do away with negativity in a flash.

Now that morale and productivity are up, get back to work on those New Year’s Resolutions

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