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How to excel at Excel: screen grabbing

With Christmas seeming a long time ago, the reality of needing to fill out a self-assessment tax return by the end of the month may be starting to sink in.

Tax returns usually mean numbers, records and Excel – the favourite of administrative data wizards and the arch nemesis of everyone else. But fear not, to help you collate the data you will need for your records, here’s a quick and easy Excel tip.

Screen grabbing

Rather than using your regular screen-grabbing tool that might select the whole page so you have to then go in and crop it, simply follow these instructions:

Select the range of cells you would like to copy in Excel > click on the paste button in the ‘Home’ section > select ‘as picture’ and then copy the image as a picture.

You can then copy and paste that image into a Word document or email to your accountant. Easy!

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