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What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Now’s that the festive hangovers have cleared and you’ve taken stock, it’s time to talk resolutions: what’s your New Year’s Resolution for the year ahead?

For inspiration, we turned to four business experts, including winners of the 2014 O2 Smarta Business awards, to find out what they want to achieve in 2015.

Michael Hobson – entrepreneur and co-founder of 3Beards networking group

“My new year’s resolution is to have a digital spring clean! For too long I have been putting off organising my Dropbox folders, which have become a scattered mess towards the end of the year. I’ll also be giving my client-facing documents a refresh, updating my templates for contracts, proposals, and designing some new business cards.

“Finally a good old fashioned security sweep, migrating all passwords into OnePassword, and doing my annual Facebook privacy settings review to see what they changed this time around…”

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Stephen Rapoport – Pact Coffee

“My resolution is the same as it has been for the past 3 years:  Do fewer things to a higher standard.”

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James West, co-founder of Brewdog

“There is nothing I hate more than meetings that drag on. The long and mind-numbingly boring ones, the ones you really shouldn’t be in but somehow landed on your lap, the ones that end up going so far off course you forget why you’re having it in the first place.

“So, in 2015, my new year’s resolution is to enforce extreme power meetings. Direct, to-the-point meetings that can happen anywhere. If a meeting can’t be completed in half an hour,  you are probably trying to do too much at once and will end up going off-piste. At 5am on a plane, 11am in a taxi, at 3pm during afternoon yoga sessions in the car park, at midnight in a bar, never say never. With BrewDog staff based all around the world and me travelling constantly, there’s no such thing as a bad time for a meeting. Might be extreme, but you can’t deny it’s pretty damn practical.”

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Emma Jones – founder of small business network Enterprise Nation

“My resolution is to help other business owners start and grow their own enterprises. To do this, we are adding an e-learning and training element to the Enterprise Nation so new and aspiring entrepreneurs can access all the advice, opportunities and practical information they need to succeed.”

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Now we want to know your business resolutions! Whether you’re going to learn to code, swear not to check Google Analytics every five minutes or tidy up your internal processes, we want to hear about it.

Tweet your resolutions to us @O2BusinessUK using the hashtag #O2Resolutions


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