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How to cut through the noise on Twitter this Christmas

Christmas is one of the biggest conversation drivers on Twitter each year, so you can expect the usual battle of competing voices to get ramped up by several notches. It’s a great opportunity for businesses to drive extra sales if you know how to cut through the noise. Use our guide below to help.


The reactive nature of social media often means that businesses forget that they can schedule in advance. Planning your tweets as early as possible will mean you’re not doing it in one of your busiest periods and will give you room to think about how your business can add to buzz around Christmas online. Don’t forget that after Christmas day, the Boxing Day and January sales commence, and your customers will want to know what you have on offer. The Small Business Planner App allows you to gain access to Twitter tools, plan advertising, research topical events and forward plan your marketing activity and much more.

Mix it up

Adding images to your social posts boosts engagement – recent research found that tweets with images see a 35% boost in retweets. One way you can garner more attention with your posts is by attaching Twitter cards to your website – so that every tweet you post comes with a video, image, gallery of images or even a summary snapshot of the post.


‘Tis the season of giving and competitions are a great way to give more to your customers, and generate conversation. Using simple retweet and follow mechanisms in exchange for your goods in exchange for your goods is a great way of reaching a new audience and giving your existing community a chance to try out your wares.

Be, um, social

People love to have a chat on Twitter and it’s become a great way for businesses to extend their customer service offering. This doesn’t just mean responding to angry tweets demanding to know the location of late deliveries (obviously that’s not you), but also providing friendly advice for shoppers puzzling over what to buy their aunt/other-half/neighbour’s dog. Think about hosting special Christmas present surgeries on Twitter in the run up to the big day, to help the huge 43% of customers online who ask brands for advice on what gifts to buy.


One way to raise the profile of your business, or shout about special offers and promotions is to use Twitter Ads. These are these are simple to set up and much more flexible budget wise, as you can set your own budget and refine as you go depending on how your advert is working.

Promoted tweets are one of the top three ways Twitter users discover products or retailers online. Conversion is given a boost too, as purchase intent is 53% higher with customers who have engaged with promoted posts – read more about them here.


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