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How to back up your iPhone

In today’s hyper-connected world, you may be storing the fruits of your networking on your smartphone or tablet. But what if it goes missing? As annoying and expensive as losing your phone might be, some of those contacts will be irreplaceable.

Happily, Apple, Google and Microsoft phones all now feature cloud backup to make securing your contacts, documents, photos and other files as simple as possible. We’ve already looked at how to back up your Android phone, now let’s take a look at the iPhone.

What can you back up?

Apple’s cloud storage service is called iCloud. Think of it as your very own USB drive on the internet, which you can access whenever you’re online. As well as saving photos, music and documents, you can also store device settings, email account information, contacts, messages, app data and more. Apple provides an exhaustive list here.

How to enable backup

Open Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and ensure iCloud Backup is switched on.

This ensures that backups will happen in the background whenever your phone is charging, locked and logged on to a Wi-Fi network. From this screen you can also force a new backup (Back Up Now) and check when your last backup was taken.

How To Restore From Backup

When you first set up a new device, you have the option to Restore from a Backup – simply sign in to your iCloud account, select from the list of available backups and soon your new phone will be full of data from your old one.


As with any data storage system, security is a key concern. Anything uploaded to iCloud is encrypted and can only be accessed using your password, so creating a strong, unique password is key.

Apple also offers two-step verification, which stops anyone using your account even if they have your password. If someone tries to access your iCloud documents using an unrecognised device, a verification code is sent to your registered devices to confirm that it really is you logging in.

On Android? Find out how to automatically back up your Android phone.

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