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Top 5: apps to create a last minute Christmas ad

If 2014 taught us anything about advertising, it was the power of video. But even if you don’t have the time or the budget to create a glorious war epic or festive penguin romance, your smartphone can provide you with the means to cut through the Christmas noise and remind customers of your presence.

It’s not as easy as just point and shoot though – a small firm in the North of England went viral this year when it posted a full-length advert bursting with questionable videography, choreography, and well, everything.

Avoid these mistakes by creating short personable vines or Instagram videos that you can post on Facebook or Twitter to showcase what your business has to offer. At this time of year, cute kids, fluffy animals and carol singers should help too.

Here are five apps that you can use to create quality videos to grab the attention of festive shoppers and, hopefully, have a positive impact on your sales.


Simple and easy to use, Magisto is the go-to for anyone low on time and editing experience. You can shoot your footage using a smartphone, then just pick a theme and sit back while the app picks the best scenes to create short, snappy videos.


This video editing app lets you trim your footage then add a range of cool Instagram-style special effects. Finish it off with some audio (although be aware that you’ll need to buy the rights to use most recorded music) and use the app to grab a still from the film to use as your thumbnail on social media. Vidtrim does come for free, but upgrade to the premium version for £2.45 and you’ll be able to work in full HD 1080p and, crucially, your videos will be watermark free.

YouTube Capture

If you want to create a blockbusting video ad, you’ll need to bring in the big guns. Cue YouTube Capture. As you might expect, YouTube’s app makes it easy to shoot and edit high quality videos from your phone then upload them directly to YouTube. It can also simultaneously post them to your Facebook and Twitter pages, meaning your video is in front of as many eyeballs as possible in the shortest possible time. It’s a particularly good app for personal ‘vlog’ style videos for sending your customers fun, informal messages.

Video FX Live

This is a great app for adding a splash of fun to your videos without having to learn any new techniques. Video FX Live offers a dizzying number of effects, from retro filters to animations and borders, that can be added to videos with just a tap of the screen. If you really want to get really creative, Video FX Live is the app for you.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle software has long been a favourite among professional film editors. The app version is a must-have if you want to be a bit more ambitious with your Christmas video. With Storyboard and Timeline views you can get granular with your edits, and the app makes it really easy to add captions and titles so you can get your message across clearly. It’s also really easy to import other videos – so if you happen to have any fun videos from last Christmas sitting on your desktop, put them to good use and add a human touch to your Christmas advertising!

Don’t forget!

Content is key but there’s no point making something that no one will see; so give some thought to how you’re going to get your video out there too. Promoted posts on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are worth considering; Facebook is becoming an important platform for sharing video thanks to its new policy of auto-playing videos when the viewer has a Wi-Fi connection.

For more promotional inspiration, check out our round-up of the best marketing apps.


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