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Small Business Saturday – Digital heroes on the Small Biz 100

Businesses across the UK are gearing up for Small Business Saturday on December 6th, but one lucky group is getting an extra push from the event. Known as The Small Biz 100, these 100 companies have been specially chosen as the most exciting up-and-coming small businesses in the UK, receiving special promotion as part of Small Business Saturday and some VIP treatment.

From this group, we met with four digital entrepreneurs who are making the most of technology to grow their small businesses. Their innovative adoption of tech is making them work more efficiently and helping them connect with customers. Read their profiles below and you’ll find a few tips you can apply to your business

James McBreaty is the brains behind, an accountancy practice that specialises in helping one-person micro businesses manage their finances. When it comes to balancing the books mobile working can really ease the frantic schedule of a small business owner. It’s no surprise then that cloud based accounting software is becoming increasingly popular in the industry. is very much on board with the cloud revolution, as James explained: “Adopting the cloud for my own accounts means I’m able to invoice clients through my mobile phone, even doing so while waiting in the departure lounge for a flight.”

Virtuoso Assistant

Nicky Pasquier from Virtuoso Assistant relies enormously on tech. With her business providing a virtual PA service to small businesses, its success is built around working remotely with clients and colleagues. Communication is vital in this industry and Nicky uses a range of tools to keep her finger on the pulse. “I work very closely with other virtual assistants around the country, and use Google Drive and Basecamp to share information and work collaboratively on documents”, she told us. Nicky also uses Google Hangouts for face-to-face contact with clients and a VoIP phone service so that she can take calls from clients on her business landline even when away from her desk.

Flexable IT

Specialising in IT services for small businesses and startups, Flexable IT know a thing or two about being digitally innovative. It helps businesses to improve their processes and increase efficiency by getting them up and running on the cloud. Using the cloud can offer many advantages to small businesses, giving them access to enterprise-level products for startup prices. But the biggest advantage, according to Flexable IT, is “being able to work anywhere and anytime with nothing but an internet connection”.

One Octopus

One Octopus is an online personal development tool for getting more out of your personal and professional life, and the company is all about practising what it preaches. Company Director Barbara McNaughton explained how her team uses the online tool they developed for their clients within their business to help them work better together. “Using the tool for our team helps us all to communicate, be mindful, grow and support each other and it does it all in a fun way.” Collaborating with your colleagues and sharing interesting and inspiring ideas can build important relationships within a team and improve your company’s efficiency. If you’re looking for an intuitive social platform for your staff to use for sharing ideas in a secure environment, Slack or Yammer could be for you.

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