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Desert Island Apps – LBC Special

Imagine being stranded on a desert island, Robinson Crusoe style. Idyllic though this may sound, as an entrepreneur you’re still going to need to keep things ticking over for your business. To help you work out how best to run your business on the go, we’re asking business owners to tell us which apps they can’t live without.  


For our latest episode, we caught up with Emma Jones MBE and Clive Bull, the presenters of our weekly talk show on LBC, The O2 Business show. For the past few weeks, Emma and Clive have been joined by guests from the worlds of business and politics including Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna, Morphsuits founder Fraser Smeaton and Rob Forkan of Gandys Flip Flops.

Each week, alongside interviewing special guests, Emma and Clive have been exploring different business related themes around marketing, remote working, working smarter and more. Our O2 Guru is also always on hand to recommend apps, tools and websites that will enable small companies and independent entrepreneurs to use technology to work more efficiently.

Read some of the apps our hosts use below, and click on the video above for more apps that you can try in the running of your business.

Base Camp

Base Camp is a great app for helping with project management, especially for anyone working in teams where different people are responsible for working on different aspects of a project. The app enables you to share files, communicate with your team members,  collaborate on documents and set tasks with deadlines. All the information and documents are stored securely and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere

One Note

This app allows you to make notes whilst you’re out and about at meetings. In addition, you can use the app across multiple devices, so you can access documents on your computer, tablet and phone. The app also enables you to share your notes remotely with other people, so you can collaborate on ideas.

City Mapper

If, like Emma, you find yourself running across town from meeting to meeting, it’s useful to be able to plan your routes on the go. You can choose whether to navigate using public transport or to go  on foot if you have time and want to keep fit.

Tune into this week’s show, at 9pm on LBC.  You can also listen in to previous shows by clicking here, and enter our weekly competition here.


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