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Keep your business connected with TU Go

Working on the move is the norm for most people, so it’s important to have simple technology that helps your business stay connected. With TU Go from O2, you can do just that.

How does it work?

The app allows your mobile number to work across a number of different devices, so you will always be able to make and receive calls and text messages, as well as listening to voicemails. Calls and texts made on TU Go cost the same as your mobile calls, and if you have run out of data, you’ll be charged at the standard rates.

Use any device

Using the TU Go app, you can use your mobile number on tablets and laptops, even on another phone with the app installed.  Everyone has those frustrating days when you run out of battery or have left your phone at home, and have to deal with the worry of all the calls and messages that you may have missed.  To stay on top of calls and messages, TU Go allows you to make calls from a laptop, phone or tablet. You can also TU Go on up to five devices at a time.

Work with no signal

Not having a signal when you need to make call is frustrating, but with TU Go, this is no longer a problem. TU Go enables you to make calls, send texts and listen to voicemail using a Wi-fi connection, so you can keep your business moving no matter where you are, even underground.

Working abroad at UK rates

Whether you’re enjoying a holiday, or taking your ventures abroad, you may still need to make calls. Rather than making calls and returning home to a frightening phone bill, TU Go enables you to make those all-important calls at UK rates.

Getting started for your business

To get started with TU Go, simply download the free app onto your phone, app, tablet or PC using your Pay Monthly number

Download the app:

On iTunes (for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 5.0 and up) here

On Google Play ( for smartphone or tablet with Android 2.3 and up) here

For Windows phone ( smartphones with Windows Phone 8 and up) here

For Windows on PC  ( Windows 7) here

To read more about working on the move, click here

To find out more, watch the  video at the top of this page or visit our TU Go information page here. You can also chat to an O2 Guru about how TU Go can help your business online, in store or over the phone.

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