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O2 Business LBC Week Two: Social Media

Last night on the latest episode of our O2 Business  Show, Clive and Emma were joined by Morphsuits founder Fraser Smeaton and Kristian Lorenzon, Head of Social Media at O2, to discuss the importance of social media to building a strong brand online.

Kristian gave brilliant advice on how businesses can ‘turn likes into profits’ by being more selective about the social media platforms they use. Kristian suggested thinking about the platforms that best help you to connect with your customers, and to look beyond the most popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Kristian noted that small businesses were finding success by using platforms such as WhatsApp to connect with customers and spread the word about promotions on a more personalised level. Most importantly, he advised businesses not to spread themselves too thinly, as communication needs to be consistent but can also be demanding on resource and time. The best thing to do is to put in place a focused strategy to ensure you can create a sustained conversation with your customers in a manageable way – check out the apps recommended by our Guru below for help

Morphsuits -‘Nasa mixed with Google in a Spandex factory’

Morphsuits is an example of a business that has done all of this very successfully. Selling playful lycra bodysuits for men, the business has gone from strength to strength and has just secured £4million worth of funding from investors. Fraser said that the success of their Facebook page had created a niche space within their market and demonstrated to investors that they had an engaged audience.

Focusing their efforts on Facebook, with a page that now has just under one and a half million likes, Fraser says that his business has the ‘right product for the right network. People naturally want to share the fun experiences they have had in their suits with their friends online, and so the Morphsuit page is a vibrant community of customers with a shared love for the brand’.

Social Media Apps and Tools

Our O2 Guru was on hand to offer advice on the apps that you can use to boost your business’ profile online.


This app enables you to find popular content online so you know the most valuable conversations to join. The app also helps you find the most influential people in your target audience so you know where to direct your messaging to help amplify your brand.

Squeeze CMM 

An app to help you discover the ‘holy grail’ of social marketing: your ROI.  Built with a detailed insights dashboard, you can make quick strategic decisions on what social activity is helping to boost your brand online. You can track your audience in detail – whether it’s monitoring conversation, geographical locations, or which customers are ending up on different parts of your site, you’ll always be able to glean the necessary data in a slick, simple format


This brilliant app helps to hone in on one of the key conversation drivers of the 21st century: the hashtag. You can track hashtags across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and even Vine and Flickr to help you find conversations to join.


A hugely popular tool to help you manage your social activity. It’s especially useful for small teams who don’t have resource or budget for dedicated social media managers, as you can schedule posts in advance, monitor conversations and analyse data to track what is and isn’t working. In addition you can collaborate and manage multiple accounts


‘Each platform is like its own separate meeting’ , as our Guru said on air last night, so it’s important to tailor content for different channels. Similar to Hootsuite, you can schedule posts, collaborate with different people and run analytics to ensure that your business is really benefiting from your efforts.


Don’t forget you can enter our weekly competition here. This week we are giving away a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 SIM free handset and a day course in social media marketing for one person in London.

If you missed this week’s O2 Business Show, you can listen again to our podcasts here. Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 9pm when we will be discussing ‘Working smarter’. We’ll explore collaboration, the importance of networking, and crowdfunding, so if you have any questions or advice be sure to call in or tweet using the hashtag #O2BusinessLBC.


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