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Simple file sharing with Box

Storing, sharing and editing files online has become an increasingly popular option for small businesses. With services like Box from O2, documents can be worked on anywhere and at any time. File sharing is quick and secure, whilst online collaboration with partners and clients is made easy, with the option to use either the Box app or the website. Box enables  anyone with permission access files on their smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. Here’s how it works

  1. Set up in minutes and upload files easily

Box is remarkably simple and quick to download, set-up and sync with your existing files. There’s no hardware to look after or software to keep updated, making it perfect for business owners who have more important things to worry about than IT. Files can be uploaded at the click of a button and then quickly shared with anyone who needs them, whilst recipients can view files in hundreds of different formats, even if they don’t have the specific software installed on their device

  1. Control who is using and sharing files

Box gives administrators total control over who can access and edit files. Simply head over to the Admin Console and use the Content Manager to amend and keep track of which files are being shared by which people and what level of access everyone has to different files. It’s all totally secure, with password protection and online encryption keeping your documents extra safe

  1. Easily set up folders and workspaces

Collaboration helps businesses to develop ideas and save time, and with Box the process is easier than ever. Give your project an online home by creating a workspace, which all relevant people can access wherever they are. Stay organised with simple folder systems and set owners, editors and view-only users for different documents and schedules.

  1. Edit uploaded documents directly

Box isn’t just a cloud-storage service – it can also be used as an online editing platform. It lets multiple people work on a document, leave notes and create and amend project plans. Files are automatically synced across all your devices, so you always know you’re working on the most recent version. You can also track edits and comments and always revisit archived earlier versions if necessary.

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To find out more, watch the useful video at the top of this page or visit our Box page here. You can also chat to an O2 Guru online, in store or over the phone about how Box can help your business.

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