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Best Marketing Apps from O2 Gurus

For week one  of our new O2 Business Show with LBC, we shared our top tech marketing apps and tips on air, alongside brilliant new devices to help make running your businesses easier. Marketing is key to any business of any size, and the tools that entrepreneurs have at their disposal online mean that it’s never been easier to reach a wide audience with minimum effort as it is today. Here are some apps that can help

Blogger App: A favourite of bloggers, but one that entrepreneurs should adopt too. The app allows users to update blogs and websites on the go. It’s especially useful for businesses, enabling them to moderate comments, respond to feedback and deliver great customer service straight away.



TED Talk: This app is brilliant for inspiration.  The vast array of talks and conversations give a wealth of ideas for ways of working and running a business.

Analytic Pro 2: As Leon pointed out earlier on this week’s show, it’s important to know and value your customers, and an integral part of that is understanding their behaviours. The analytics app helps you understand how your customers are engaging with you and using your site, so you can then tailor to their needs.

Try this tech:

Augmented Reality

Experimenting with new technologies is a great way to capture the attention of current and prospective customers.  You can implement the technology without spending a great deal, which allows you to compete with bigger businesses that have bigger budgets.

Aurasma:  This app is a free option to use to experiment with creating and sharing your own augmented reality experiences.  It uses powerful image recognition technology so you can create interactive campaigns that align with digital offerings.  For example you can bring window displays to life or animate web pages. Have a look at some examples of campaigns here

New devices to try out for your business:

Samsung Note 4

An ingenious device that takes multitasking to the next level – with the Note 4 you can book meetings and stay on email at the same time,  saving time and allowing you to work as efficiently as possible. The strongest Note from the Samsung camp yet, this phone also comes with a stylus pen enabling you to make notes and annotations to documents on the move.

Nokia Lumia 930

The device is perfect for entrepreneurs and busy professionals who need  to be able to keep projects and communications ticking over on the go – the device gives you access to everything Windows has to offer, including Office, Skype, Xbox Games. Handily, the phone’s Map facility is also available to function even when the phone is offline, meaning if you ever get stuck in an area with poor reception, you’ll always be able to find your way, especially useful when you’re running late for those all-important meetings

If you missed this week’s O2 Business Show , you can listen again here or read more about our special guest Rob Forkan over on the O2 Business Blog –  and be sure to tune in this Thursday at 9pm. Don’t forget, you can enter our weekly competition here. This week we are giving away a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 SIM free handset and a day course in social media marketing for one person in London enter by midnight on 26th October for your chance to win.


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