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LBC O2 Business Show: Marketing

Last night saw the launch of our brand new O2 Business show on LBC, where we focused on marketing and the importance of crafting a strong image for your brand. We were really lucky to have been joined by Rob Forkan, who along with his brother Paul founded Gandy’s flip flops, an inspiring social responsibility brand bringing together sustainability and style.

The brand was launched  after Rob was struck by inspiration after waking up feeling worse for wear at a festival and takes its name from the phrase ‘Gandhi’s flip flops’, a joke referring to a dry mouth. But the footwear brand was inspired by far more than that – the two brothers were tragically orphaned by the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and wanted to create a venture to help other orphans facing adversity around the world, starting in India and Sri Lanka. They’ve created a successful brand by combining a great product with a genuine proposition that lives beyond a strapline – and found playful ways to get other people involved.  After getting a great response from retailers and press, they needed investment and in place of Dragon’s Den, they created the ‘Brothers Den’ inviting entrepreneurs to bid to them for the chance to invest!

Earlier in the show, O2’s SMB Head of Marketing Leon Rudd emphasized the importance of building a strong digital presence as part of taking firm ownership of your brand and effectively promoting it. Our O2 Guru Davina Pancholi was on hand to offer advice on how to harness technology to aid marketing efforts. This week,  Davina spoke about brands using augmented reality.  For businesses who want to experiment with innovative marketing techniques in a budget, the app Aurasma  is a free option to create interesting marketing experiences for customers. For examples of campaigns that you can try for your business, you can click here. Next week  Davina will share tips and apps around Social Media and SEO, in the meantime, you can read some great business tips from Emma here.

Tune in next week when Clive and Emma will be joined by more special guests as they explore marketing opportunities around Social Media and SEO. If you missed this week’s show, you can listen again here, and be sure to tune in next Thursday at 9pm on LBC 97.3FM or listen in online.


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