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Desert Island Apps: Philip Dodson

Imagine being stranded on a desert island, Robinson Crusoe style. Idyllic though this may sound, as an entrepreneur you’re still going to need to keep things ticking over for your business. To help you work out how best to run your business on the go, we’re asking business owners to tell us which apps they can’t live without.  

In our latest episode, we caught up with Philip Dodson, founder of @Work Hubs – a flexible work space for start-ups and freelancers – and co-founder of International Collaboration Day. A passionate believer in the sharing economy, the three essential apps Phil has chosen reflect the importance he places on the benefits of pooling ideas and skills.

1. Philip’s first app is Evernote, the king of note taking apps, which he uses to record his thoughts on anything and everything whilst on the go. The app lets you add handy tags to your notes and also boasts convenient sharing functions that make collaboration easy. Phil is particularly fond of the Evernote Web Clipper, a function which lets you save links, text and images to your account for access at a later date. It makes it easier than ever to discover cool things online and save all the good bits and pieces that inspire you.


Good for:

Recording thoughts and inspiration on the go.

2. Google Hangouts comes in at number two in our rundown of Phil’s essential apps – and with good reason. It’s an essential download for business owners who constantly need to work remotely or catch up with those located abroad. It syncs with the whole Google App range, so is perfect for busy business owners who need to stay on top of multiple things at once. For Phil it’s particularly handy for staying in touch and sharing documents with the team he works with on his International Collaboration Day project.


Good for:

Staying in contact with those unable to attend face-to-face meetings.

3. Business owners in today’s digital age invariably need passwords for countless different platforms and accounts. That’s why Phil’s third essential app is LastPass. It creates completely random passwords for new accounts, as well as a single master password that lets you to log-in to all of them at once. This means you can enjoy the benefits of highly complex passwords without having to remember them individually. When he needs to collaborate on a project, he can send people log-in details in a format that allows them to use his accounts without ever learning his actual password.


Good for:

Setting safe and unique log-ins for different accounts without the hassle of remembering individual passwords.

Look out for the next episode of Desert Island apps to learn more top tips about how to run your business on the go.

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