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Smarta 100: Ways of working better

The smartest small business owners understand the time-saving and cost-cutting potential of technology, which is why it was so exciting to hear their insights at the recent O2 Smarta 100 business event.

Technology is giving small businesses the chance to get their messages heard.  “In terms of distribution and getting to your new potential users, technology can play a very big role,” Christina Risen, General Manager at Evernote, told us at the event. “This is where it could make sense to partner with another big company, because by getting on their map you will improve your communication, PR and branding.”

As Shaa Wasmund, founder of Smarta, pointed out, it makes sense to pay serious attention to technology being produced for small businesses – after all, it’s typically someone in a similar position to you who is behind its design: “It’s the small companies that are creating this technology for other small companies, because we know what it’s like to be running a small company”.

Technology is powering the increasingly influential and useful sharing economy: “It’s about connecting supply and demand more efficiently and cutting out a lot of the middle men who take a profit out of the situation,” Philip Dodson, founder of Work Hub, said. “It’s also about sharing tangible and intangible assets, and that could never happen without technology.”

Sharing skills can open up new doors for small businesses. Rachel Clacher, co-founder of Moneypenny, spoke about how she had got tech experts on board to help develop her company’s app: By borrowing skills they didn’t have, Rachel and her team were free to focus on what they knew best: “What we did have in house was to actually make the interface with our customer’s very user friendly.” It’s an ideal example of how tech can help small businesses work smarter, not harder.

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