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Desert Island App: Poppy Dinsey

Imagine being stranded on a desert island, Robinson Crusoe style. Idyllic though this may sound, as an entrepreneur you’re still going to need to keep things ticking over for your business – and to help you work out which apps you could take with you (you can never be too prepared) or just to help you run aspects of your business on the go, we’re asking small business owners tell us which apps they can’t live without. For our very first episode, we spoke to fashion entrepreneur and blogger, Poppy Dinsey.

1. Starting with her own creation, Poppy talked us through What I Wore Today, an app which enables users to upload images as well being able to click out to purchase new outfits. The app, a precursor to platforms like Instagram, was a natural extension of the blog What I Wore Today.  To create the app, she sketched out ideas and worked with an independent agency, with aim of building a more interactive platform which she says has enabled her to connect with bloggers around the world. On creating her app Poppy says ‘it’s important to keep it simple’, as remember ease of use for app users in the design process.

Good for:

Outfit inspiration and connecting with bloggers around the world

2. Next up comes the Official WordPress App. With Poppy running a few blogs, including  What I Wore Today and  her personal blog – Poppy Dinsey – it’s not just about being able to post on the go, but about being able to keep in constant contact with her audience. Crucial to blogging, as with customer service, is a timely response, and being able to moderate conversations, which the app allows users to do. The app also allows you to monitor page statistics and impressions.

Good for:

Communicating on the move, customer service, monitoring page performance, managing multiple pages

3. Finally the Adobe Photoshop Express App. Working in the fashion industry means image and good images are key for Poppy, but having good visuals is important for all brands – being able to snap and edit shots on the move means that like Poppy, you can always keep your brand looking its best.

Good for:

Editing and cropping images on the move

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