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Six ways SMBs can benefit from smartphones

With flexible and remote working increasing in popularity it’s becoming more important than ever for business owners to be able to run their organisations on the move

Whether your company employs 30 people or 300 people, your business depends on teamwork, easy communication and client connectivity. Introducing smartphones into your operations opens up a whole world of increased productivity and efficiency. Here’s how:

Ready when you are

Sitting on a train or queuing for coffee used to mark dead time for the busy businessperson, and small, otherwise easily achievable tasks would pile up into a daunting heap. With a smartphone, you’re always contactable via email, allowing you to capitalise on every opportunity and solve potential problems.  More phones are being built to have longer lasting battery life as well, with some able to last up to two days before running out of battery, helping you stay ready to work, connect and respond for even longer. In addition, some phone models, for example, some  Nokia handsets now have wireless charging.

Access everything from everywhere

Calls and emails are just the beginning. Smartphones can also give you access to all your files via the cloud. This means that with a stable internet connection you’re no longer chained to your desk and can work from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the variety of cloud apps on the market, you can access and edit Microsoft Office files and even access e-mail offline via your smartphone. Apps such as Dropbox, Evernote* or Office Mobile for Office 365 let you access files remotely and sync them across numerous devices, enabling you to respond quickly and efficiently to all the demands of running your business. It’s like taking your PC with you everywhere you go. Security needn’t be a worry either, as packages such as McAffee help to keep your details and work secure as you work on the move.

Make the most of rich media

Smartphones offer an impressive variety of built-in media functions such as cameras, voice recording and video playback, making it easy to capture and document information on the move.

With many phones now being created with the internet of things in mind, smartphones are increasing uniting an ecosystem of applications – with phones now able to connect to laptops and vice versa, this rings just as true for phones that are integrated with windows, apple and android or with phones that can be purchased as part of bundles.

A personal assistant in your pocket

With in-built personal organisers, electronic diaries, contact lists and reminders, a smartphone acts like a personal assistant, helping you manage your busy schedule and make the most of your day.

The world at your fingertips

Current affairs, business news, and financial updates – everything you need to know is in the palm of your hand with a smartphone. Access the whole internet at the touch of a button, and manage your company’s social channels in real time, on the move.

For work and play

Smartphones are brilliant for work, but their usefulness doesn’t stop when you clock off. Built-in settings and external apps mean you can easily switch from ‘work mode’ to ‘down time’, also known as dual persona capability, this enables you to  unwind after a long day with music, films, games or a catch up with friends – all from one device, most android phones, particularlyu models from Sony, Samsung & HTC typically offer dual persona settings.

*Evernote Premium is exclusively available to all O2 customers for free. To redeem the one-year Evernote Premium account, upgrade via .


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