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O2 Business at Social Media Week

Conversations around Social Media Week have moved beyond the best time of day to tweet or the optimum number of posts that should go out on Facebook per hour. During social media week, we focused on best practice communications, and turned to expert voices in the fields of content, social, CRM, marketing and crowdfunding to find out how to cut through the noise online to get your business heard.

Starting off with insight from the content kings at Buzzfeed, Creative Director Philly Byrne explained the key drivers that encourage audiences and consumers to share content. As one expert remarked, even if you cannot build the best website, focusing on creating great communications around your brand, whether it is with a blog post or a regularly updated news section, good content is one of the best ways to boost your business’s digital presence. But what are the best drivers for people to engage with the content that you put out? Philly Byrnes shares below:

Philly’s Key Drivers:

Identity – audiences are much more prone to share content that reflects their identity, which is why Buzzfeed’s focused lists and quizzes have proved so popular

Humour –  because everybody loves a laugh

Information – this a great opportunity to share with audiencesinteresting facts, figures and information in relation to your product and industry– these are the nuggets of insight where your expertise positions you as an undoubtable authority

Empathy –  brands with a human edge stand a better chance of cutting through the noise of self-centred brands that focus  solely on their own voices and missions

Nostalgia – provides a perspective on individual life stories

We also caught up with Molly Norris from Blue State Digital, an online agency specialising in online fundraising, advocacy and social networking, and  best known for their pioneering work throughout the Obama electoral campaign back in 2012. We thought they’d be best placed to tell us how to start and maintain conversations with audiences online, who can become advocates for businesses, brands and causes.

Molly shared her top tips for building a successful,  always-on marketing campaign

  1. Place audience at centre of your communications: Rather than calling your customers ‘customers’, think about using language like supporters instead to make your  relationship much more personal.
  2. Action based communications: By focusing the majority of your brand communications around low barrier calls to action, particularly though email and social shares, helps your customers to get involved
  3. Being flexible & dynamic: Keep your communications fresh! If you can add new ideas and themes every few months to the conversations you have online ( through different campaigns or offers for example) then you can keep conversations around your brand interesting and maintain your audience’s interest

Finally, Anastasia Emmanuel, Marketing & Community Manager at Indiegogo shared an emerging trend among big businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians and creatives alike: use crowdfunding not solely for raising money, but also as a marketing tool.

If you are launching a new product, or are already on the market and need to build an online community of customers and supporters , you can use  a platform like Indiegogo to encourage your audience to invest in your company. In return, aside from an audience who has a genuine interest in your brand, you can also harness the opportunity to:

1. Mine Data to connect with huge audiences for future communications

2. Guarantee a receptive audience

3. Test and validate your products,

4. Get real time feedback on what people think of your brand and what you can improve on

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