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Five ways Office 365 can lighten your workload

There’s more to Office 365 from O2 than the usual Microsoft programs, making it an invaluable service for businesses of all sizes

Utilising cloud storage to help businesses work flexibly on the go, software such as Office 365 from O2 combines the best of Microsoft Office with document management and virtual working.

Office 365 is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes – Telefónica, Europe’s largest telecoms operator, is one of its strongest advocates. John Gaskell, Enterprise Architect at Telefónica, says, “Office 365 has taken away the complexity of patching hundreds of servers and the constant worry about the capacity of our on-premise platforms.”

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of HD video conferencing, instant messaging, business grade email, the ability to design and build websites, or simply the latest version of Excel, Office 365 from O2 has numerous features.

Here are five of the key benefits:

1. Multiple Access

Outlook Web App (OWA) enables colleagues to access each other’s mail folders and calendars – with permission, of course – meaning work can continue as normal in someone’s absence.

2. Automatic back-up

If you have a habit of forgetting to back up your work, SkyDrive Pro will prove very useful. A personal library intended for storing and organising work documents, it automatically syncs to the cloud.

To set up SkyDrive Pro you need to have the SkyDrive Pro app, which will be included with your Office 365. For more information on syncing visit the Microsoft site.

3. Maximise productivity

A wide range of apps including Bing maps, LinkedIn and Yammer are available to download to OWA or Outlook 2013 from the Office 365 store.

4. Offline access

You can carry on doing your work in areas with no internet, and any work you do while disconnected will automatically be synced next time you connect.

To utilise this benefit you must be running at least Internet Explorer 10, Safari 5 or Chrome 24.

For instructions and further information on the topic please click here

5. Personalise

Create your own personalised professional domain with Office 365’s superior formatting tools.

Watch O2’s Office 365 webinar replay to find out how 365 can help business owners increase their flexibility at work.

Led by O2 cloud specialist Guido Marchetti, these videos will teach business owners everything they need to know about how Office 365 makes collaboration and communication effortless for entire teams.

You’ll learn how you can work almost anywhere, anytime and on virtually any device, allowing you to boost productivity, reduce costs and remove IT headaches.

Small Business Webinar:
If you have fewer than 100 employees,  watch the Small Business Webinar.

Large Business Webinar:
If you have more than 100 employees,  watch the Large Business Webinar.


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