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The best business accounts on Twitter

Want to know who’s worth following in the world of business? Brian Lavery, partnerships manager at Twitter, throws a few names in the ring

Before we jump in, remember this is a subjective selection, not a recommendation. The best Twitter timeline is the one you build yourself, pulling together a mix that reflects your unique interests and tastes. If you’re looking for business content specific to you and your company, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Where do you get the news? If you start your day by checking industry websites and blogs, check out their Twitter accounts as well.
  2. Who and what are you reading about? If you’re interested in a company or individual mentioned in an article, look them up — and don’t feel shy about tweeting them with a question or comment on what you’ve read.
  3. Who do other users follow? When you find an account you like, check to see whether they’ve pulled together any lists of other users you’d like to follow. Lists are under the “More” drop-down menu on an account’s profile page, or at
  4. Who matters to you? Don’t forget the folks that your business relies on or engages with: customers, suppliers, government officials and support agencies.

Now, drumroll please…


First, a few must-haves for anyone interested in the technology industry.
@TechCrunch and @GigaOM tweet a healthy stream of headlines on the latest news from Silicon Valley and beyond, perfect for staying on top of online services and gadgets, and how the companies behind them are performing.


@WIRED, the legendary print magazine that brings contemporary style to science and tech, operates in a similar vein, but with a more human-interest perspective. Meanwhile marketing gurus at @TheDrum balance their ad industry content with modern workplace issues for a great all-rounder business account.


When it comes to individuals, @hblodget may be permanently banned from the securities industry, but the CEO of the @BusinessInsider site and research vehicle still has lots to say, and often kicks off entertaining debates with other prominent users. He took a few lessons from @ariannahuff, founder of @HuffPost stable of news websites; she also tweets tips on managing your work-life balance. Tip #1: get more sleep.


Companies you love or hate, whether they’re big brands or startups, can be worth following. @innocentdrinks has an eye for the absurd, and regularly gets laughs in our office. @PaddyPower is similar but more wicked, mixing its brand identity with customer service. And of course we couldn’t leave out @TwitterUKI_SME, the handle we use for Twitter product news and best practices, and @O2businessUK, which shares resources and tips for UK businesses with a dash of personality.

Now get out there and find a few new accounts to follow, and enjoy yourself.


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