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The Value of A Follower

Brian Lavery (@lavbri), partnerships manager at Twitter, works to help small and medium sized companies in the UK, and across Europe, use Twitter to grow their business. Here he discusses the value of a Twitter follower.

From sandwich shops to software providers, SMBs in the UK are working hard to gain more followers on Twitter. Increasing follower numbers is one of most business’ main goals on Twitter, whether through organic activity, or through advertising − and the £50 Twitter Ads credit available through O2 Social Insights is a great place to start.

It shows how followers are the centre of a virtuous cycle.

And of course, they want to know what impact followers have on their business. To gain some insight, Twitter conducted research with Market Probe International. The results were so compelling that we put together the infographic below, to show the full value of a follower.

It shows how followers are the centre of a virtuous cycle. They reinforce positive messages from SMBs, by replying and favoriting their content. With their recommendations and retweets, they can help good word of mouth go viral.

And, most importantly, they’re more likely to purchase from SMBs that they follow, and to remain loyal customers: as many as 72% of SMB followers are likely to go on and purchase from a business after following it on Twitter.

I’ll leave it at that, since the diagram speaks for itself. Have a read through, and of course, feel free to share it on Twitter — just like your followers will tend to do.


Value of a follower

Click on the image to see full-size PDF, or alternatively, click here

Source: Market Probe International, 2013

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