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How can I make my business greener?


This week, 25 September – 1 October, is National Recycling Week. It’s an initiative of WRAP, the UK organisation working with governments, businesses and communities to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency.


In the spirit of the week, we’ve taken a look at recycling and some other practical actions you can take to make your business more environmentally friendly.


The O2 Business team have been playing their part by digging around in desk drawers for any languishing old devices. We’ve sent them to O2 Recycle, which takes your old devices to be responsibly reused, refurbished or recycled – in exchange for cash! Did you know we’ve already recycled over 2 million devices and paid out over £135 million to keen recyclers? Remember, anyone on any network can use O2 Recycle.


Also in the office, why not think about switching your bright shiny white printer paper to stock made from post-consumer waste? It works just as well, yet is 100% recycled and sustainable. Better yet, stop the printing process in its tracks by adding a ‘Think Before Printing’ message to your email signatures, and using efficient printing fonts for your documents.


Michele Watts, an O2 customer and owner of The Green Lady Eco Store in Norwich, has a wealth of suggestions to make your business greener. Her advice is to examine everything you do and use, as a business, and see what changes are possible within your organisation.


“For example, in the washrooms are they using environmentally friendly hand wash, what is the cleaner using, are they using bleach? Switch to an eco-friendly brand. Anything with sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and parabens in it isn’t safe for your staff.”


We’re fans of social enterprise The Soap Co., who make all of their products in the UK with natural extracts AND use a bottle that is made from old milk bottles to hold their liquid soap.


Michele’s advice also extends to the kitchen – where she suggests replacing kitchen roll with Eco Bamboo towels which can be rewashed to 85 times each and finding biodegradable black sacks (“They do exist!”)


Green initiatives can also be found beyond the physical walls of your business. If you haven’t considered it already, flexible or remote working can offer greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency, such as savings on overheads like energy, and carbon-reductions when less transport is required. Learn more about flexible working here.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on making your business more environmentally friendly. Tweet us @O2BusinessUK with any smart recycling or sustainable initiatives you may have!