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Are You Building a Connected Business?

With the festive season nearly upon us, it’s hard not to notice the surge in prime-time advertising for smart technology, including televisions, voice control speakers, home hubs and any number of other connected devices.

It seems that 2018 is destined to be the year when we come to appreciate the benefits of the connected home, and fully embrace the new technology.

Demand has been strongest for technology whose benefits are easy to appreciate, such as smart televisions, which give consumers simplified access to catch up, online and on demand programming, and also for smart energy meters, driven in part by the government’s own smart meter rollout.

The connected home influences our behaviour. For example, just watching the effect that boiling the kettle has on our smart meter dial is making us think more carefully about the energy we use.

The Connected Business?

Until now, much of the technology has been aimed at consumers, but there are benefits to be gained from connected technology in the business world:

1: Compliance Technology

If yours is a facilities management business, or if facilities management forms part of your operation, then you will understand the importance of maintaining compliance with health and safety obligations and insurance requirements. Increasingly, smart technology is helping.

Our own O2 Smart Compliance, for example, turns mobile devices into data collection equipment, enabling field workers to complete business-critical safety and compliance tasks, capturing and processing data in real-time.

It is used by a large number of passenger services organisations, retailers, leisure and services businesses to maintain safer, more transparent and compliant environments.

2: Smart Vehicle Technology

Smart vehicle technology is delivering real time data to fleet managers and leasing companies, resulting in cost savings, increased productivity, efficiency improvements and higher revenues.

O2 Smart Vehicle is helping Van Elle, an engineering contractor with 520 employees, three UK offices, around 180 vehicles and more than 100 rigs, to keep track of where people, vehicles and heavy machines (plant) are, and what they are doing.

The solution monitors both the vehicle status and driver behaviour, and has resulted in:

  • 5% reduction in fuel costs
  • 7% increase in productivity
  • 10% reduction in idle time

3: Remote Working

Businesses of all sizes are embracing cloud computing, enabling increased collaboration and cost effective access to documents and data.

Remote working is no longer a privilege for a handful of trusted employees as organisations recognise the productivity gains it offers. And tech is driving its success. Cloud solutions offer true mobility, providing seamless access and productivity, wherever the employee may be, on whatever device they have and using whatever network or connection is available.

For larger companies a vast range of connected technology is available to support monitoring, collaboration and compliance across the organisation. The challenge to date has been knowing where to start.

O2 offers a number of ways for you to turn the potential of the connected business into tangible business benefits. We’re here to help, so get in touch.

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